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Finances can be a tricky subject when you’re self-employed. When you work for yourself, there’s more to think about than just cashing your paycheck at the end of the month. You’re in charge of your payroll, your accounts and your tax return, so it’s vital that you’re clued up.

As part of the ongoing advice and support available, we are able to offer financial advice for all aspects of your lifestyle. We believe that you should be supported throughout the entirety of your career, not just at the beginning.

There’s plenty of free information available to assist you with everything from your payment options to your taxes. So whatever you need support with when it comes to your company’s finances, we’re here to help.

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Guide to Making Tax Digital

The government’s ambitious plan to digitalise the tax system has raised many questions for contractors and freelancers. If you’re looking for information regarding Making Tax Digital, we’re here to help.…

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Financial advice for Contractors

Whether you are a client or not you can benefit from the advice below. Choosing a reliable and truly independent financial advisor needn’t be difficult. If you’ve just become a…

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Getting Paid – The Options

Following the April 2007 Budget announcements there are only two real options for Project Management contractors: 1. Operate through your own Limited company. It is very important to stress that these…

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Getting Paid

If you are considering becoming an engineering contractor then this page will talk you through the two options available to you. You can also follow the links below to the…

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Current Tax Rates

Unsure of what the current tax rates and allowances are? At SJD Accountancy we stay on the pulse of any changes which may affect your finances. The main rates of…

A glass jar with savings denoting the Pension Auto Enrolment for Contractors

Pension Auto Enrolment for Contractors

We can’t deny it anymore, we are living in an ageing population and the government has become concerned that the UK’s workforce is not putting enough away for their later…

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Everything You Need to Know for Year-End

As the UK’s largest contractor accountant, we’re focused on providing you with the best support possible whenever you need it. As the end of the 2018/19 tax year is almost…

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How to Survive a PAYE & NIC Inspection

However confident you are that your records are complete and well maintained, a PAYE / NIC inspection might still catch you unawares. Here are some pointers to help you.

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Guide to National Insurance Planning

In the 100 years since its introduction, National Insurance has evolved from the nature of insurance to that of tax. As a result of this part-evolved state, it has many…

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Contractor Mortgage Calculator Assessor

The questions on most new (or even experienced) contractors and freelancer’s minds when it comes to mortgages are: What size mortgage can I get as an independent professional? How much…

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Contractor Mortgage FAQs, Myths and Facts

Everyone has different opinions and different stories when it comes to trying to get a mortgage as a contractor. We’ve all heard some horror stories – but what’s fact and…

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FREE Budget Reports

Most people, at one time or another, have sat in front of the TV listening to the chancellor’s budget speech and thought ‘What’s that all about?’ and ‘How does it…

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A Simple Guide to Getting a Contractor Mortgage

Sorting out a mortgage is never easy – and even less so if you’ve recently switched from full-time employment to contracting, freelancing or self-employment. So, working with our recommended Mortgage…

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Contractor Pensions – Your Guide to Pension Schemes in a Limited Company

As a contractor, no one is going to be planning for your retirement except you, so it is definitely a good idea to put some of your contracting salaries away…

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Contractor Self Certified Mortgages

Back in 2009 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) put an end to self-certification mortgages in an attempt to ensure that all borrowers prove their ability to repay in advance. Self-certification mortgages were…

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Mortgage Tips for Contractors

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April 2017 Changes to Flat Rate VAT Scheme

Important changes to Flat Rate VAT scheme and what it means to a Contractor. Find out more

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Contractor Tax

A plain English Limited Company Guide for Contractors If you’ve thought about contracting and starting up your own Limited company, which any accountant will tell you is the most tax…

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VAT Registration Guide

This is a basic guide for all businesses, most contractors will also benefit reading our Guide to the Flat Rate VAT Scheme. How and when should you register for VAT?…

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Flat Rate VAT Scheme – A Contractor’s Guide To Financial Advice

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VAT Guide

You may also find our Flat Rate VAT Scheme Guide helpful – this is the scheme most Limited Company – Contractors, Freelancers, Interim Managers and Consultants use. VAT Guide –…

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The Basics of VAT

VAT is complicated, the technicalities and jargon used by some accountants can make even the very clever minded slightly confused, so we’ve aimed to create a jargon-free, back to basics…