Financial Advice

Finances can be a tricky subject when you’re self-employed. When you work for yourself, there’s more to think about than just cashing your paycheck at the end of the month. You’re in charge of your payroll, your accounts and your tax return, so it’s vital that you’re clued up.

As part of the ongoing advice and support available, we are able to offer financial advice for all aspects of your lifestyle. We believe that you should be supported throughout the entirety of your career, not just at the beginning.

There’s plenty of free information available to assist you with everything from your payment options to your taxes. So whatever you need support with when it comes to your company’s finances, we’re here to help.

Starting a pension from a young age

Guide to Making Tax Digital

What is Making Tax Digital? We've explained all in our comprehensive guide.

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Financial advice for Contractors

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Getting Paid – The Options

Current Tax Rates

A female contractor calculating pension contributions

Pension Auto Enrolment for Contractors

Find out how pension auto enrolment affects you as a contractor, whether you're exempt and how to contact the pension regulator.

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Everything You Need to Know for Year-End

Get a better understanding of your finances before the tax year-end.

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How to Survive a PAYE & NIC Inspection

However confident you are that your records are complete and well maintained, a PAYE / NIC inspection might still catch you unawares. Here are some pointers to help you.

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Guide to National Insurance Planning

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Contractor Mortgage Calculator Assessor

A contractor applying for a mortgage at his desk

Contractor Mortgage FAQs, Myths and Facts

We answer the most popular questions surrounding mortgages for contractors, dispelling some myths along the way.