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Contractor’s Guide to Social Media

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The Internet revolutionised communication by making ‘electronic mail’ possible as a way of communicating with people. We now take this for granted as both a business and a personal communication tool, and it is now seen as an everyday means of communication.

More recently though, there has been a new communication concept which has changed the world yet again. We’re talking of course about ‘social media’, or social networking as it’s more commonly known. It’s fair to say that not everybody has embraced social media, some still feel it is a tool to be used to communicate purely with friends and not as a business tool.

Sites such as LinkedIn, which were set up primarily for business use, can definitely provide a valuable additional communication tool for all types of businesses – but tell someone that you can use social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook as a means of communicating about business as well, and they will probably look at you as if you’re a little mad!

The reality is though, that business is all about interacting with people – in a way which suits them. If you want to make more people aware of your services or products, you can’t always expect them to seek you out. Instead you have to find them, wherever they are, and if your customers are on social networking sites – well, that’s where you need to be, so that they can find you, even if they didn’t know they were looking for you.

Many business owners either avoid getting involved with sites such as Twitter or Facebook simply because they do not understand them. Others sign up purely thinking it will add credibility to their business without fully knowing how they work and hence have no idea of the full benefits which they can bring. Time to re-think all that.

Social networking now accounts for 11% of all time spent online, with users spending 5.5 hours per month on these types of sites. That’s an increase from just two years ago of 3.2 hours per month and if your nearest competitor is regularly interacting with their customers via Twitter or Facebook to generate a buzz, gain feedback about their service, and promote their service offers then why aren’t you?

To find out more about three of the most common social media sites in use today, read our valuable guides:

Learn just how easy it is to set up an accountant, the benefits, how it will get you more customers and broaden your knowledge of the useful tools available to make you a social networking king or queen.

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