IR35 Help and Advice Resources

IR35 may just look like two letters and two numbers, but it is actually one of the most commonly spoken about pieces of legislation in the contracting world.

What is it? Will it affect me? What does inside IR35 and outside IR35 mean? Can I still operate as a limited company director? Are all questions we hear frequently from new and existing contractors.

If this sounds like you and you have questions about IR35 then you’re in the right place. At SJD Accountancy we understand that the legislation can be difficult to understand, so we’ve put together a number of helpful guides without the jargon.


IR35 Contract Reviews

Unsure if your contract is inside or outside IR35? Our IR35 contract review service will help give peace of mind. 

Download our IR35 Guide

Download our ultimate guide to IR35 for contractors and watch the video.

What is IR35?

What is the IR35 legislation? Why was it brought in? Read our article to discover all you need to know about IR35.

Working inside IR35

Working on an assignment which is inside IR35 but still want to work as a limited company director? Discover how it works here.

IR35 Rules

What are the rules of IR35? When is an assignment deemed inside of the legislation? Find out here.

IR35 in the Public Sector

What do the public sector changes to the IR35 legislation mean for contractors?

IR35 Calculator

Want to calculate whether or not your assignment will fall inside or outside of IR35? We've taken a look at some of the available IR35 calculators.

Business Entity Tests

Wondering what a business entity test is? Discover more here.