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IR35 may just look like two letters and two numbers, but it is actually one of the most commonly spoken about pieces of legislation in the contracting world.

What is it? Will it affect me? What does inside IR35 and outside IR35 mean? Can I still operate as a limited company director? Are all questions we hear frequently from new and existing contractors.

If this sounds like you and you have questions about IR35 then you’re in the right place. At SJD Accountancy we understand that the legislation can be difficult to understand, so we’ve put together a number of helpful guides without the jargon.

Protecting Your IR35 Status

Read our six step guide to safeguarding your IR35 status.

Guide to IR35 for Contractors

What is IR35 and what does it mean for me? IR35 can seem complex, which is why we have broken it down and how it will affect you in our…

IR35 Business Entity Tests

IR35 Business Entity Tests

HMRC regularly conduct business entity tests to look into whether a contractor is compliant with IR35. We explain what this is and what to expect.

IR35 Calculator

Whilst searching the Internet, you may find several types of IR35 calculators which will tell your recommended take-home pay when working inside or outside IR35. Some will ask you to…

IR35 Public Review

IR35 in the Public Sector

Following the Autumn Statement, what does the IR35 public sector changes mean for contractors? Our easy to read FAQ will hopefully answer some of those key questions. Who is affected…

Inside Outside IR35

Working Inside IR35

Sometimes due to the contract and specified working practices you may need to work inside IR35. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t work through a limited company as there…

What is IR35

What is IR35?

In a nutshell, IR35 came into effect in April 2000 and was designed to stop contractors working as disguised permanent employees i.e. benefiting from the tax advantages of being a…

Understanding IR35

Understanding IR35

In April 2000 the IR35 legislation was introduced, which brought much confusion to the market. I could have used a simple, easy to follow guide to IR35 when it first…

IR35 Rules

IR35 Rules

Is your contract inside or outside IR35? How is it decided? We've listed the key rules of IR35 in our handy guide.