Limited Company

Working through your own limited company is often seen as the best way for the self-employed to work: you get to keep more of your take home pay, you’re in charge of business decisions and you’re covered by legal protections. But running a company is a big responsibility and many directors find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of information they need to be aware of. 

Our limited company pages contains everything you need to know about starting a limited company, your responsibilities and your financial obligations. There’s plenty to help ensure that you’re confident with your obligations, that you’re working compliantly and that you’re planning for the future.

We’ve also got plenty of information to help you with your financial responsibilities so you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

How to Take Money out of Your Limited Company

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Limited Company

Self Employed through a Limited Company

What are Dividends?

A Guide to Personal Service Companies

Choosing a Structure: Limited or Umbrella?

Changing from Umbrella to Limited Company

A Quick Guide to Limited Companies

Offshore Schemes