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Find below full details on what is C#, why C# contractors are in demand and what role might be right for you. Now, most large corporates aren’t hiring full-time employees at the moment, they are instead turning to the contract market to fulfil positions which are fuelling the high C# daily rate. Which is all good news for C# contractors.

What is C#?

C # (pronounced C Sharp) is just one of the many languages used in the big world of Information Technology. C Sharp is the most popular programming language created by Microsoft.

C # is a hybrid language (when we refer to hybrid think of mixing elements, like cross-pollination, tulips mixed with daisies’ gives daisilips-ok not a real flower but the same idea!). C Sharp has a combination of previously useful language features mixed in with new elements to make it better.

In the past when software applications were created and developed there were various programming languages to choose from. Creators could pick and choose whichever language they thought would be more functional for online or business apps as not necessarily all languages worked for both online and business apps giving them some limitations, however Microsoft found they could help improve features of the original languages by making a more generic language that would support all applications created, meaning C Sharp would be more user friendly, giving C# worker’s the chance to develop applications however they saw fit, now their only limitations were their imaginations.

Microsoft has opened many doors for contractors. Not only have they released a new ‘framework’ called.Net that helps create the basis of any software application, they then created the C# language that would work in conjunction with the framework easily. So they had two brand new sectors contractors could sink their teeth into and become experts in.

Visit our .Net (dot Net) Contractors Guide page for more details.

Why are C# contractors in demand?

C Sharp contractors have the strongest knowledge on one of the top programming languages used to create software applications. They have a skill set that would make most people dizzy! The technicalities involved in this position do not make this the most popular field of contracting, yet the demand for C# jobs is high and still growing. From what started as a rather small job sector, the job opportunities have increased giving contractors the chance to choose which company they work for.

Not only that, but the original C Sharp language is constantly being updated, giving another great opportunity for contractors to be called in to handle updates and maintenance of the system when needed.

What C# role is for you?

There are three primary roles available in the C# profession, now remember its quality, not quantity, so don’t feel disheartened or worried should you think there isn’t enough work available out there. There are various levels of skills and responsibilities in these positions, and new roles are being created every day as software languages are being integrated and tested, giving you more contracting options and the chance to learn more skills. So think about where you want to start…

  • C# Programmer– They create the application based on the initial brief, using the C# language, making sure the initial basic structure of the application tests correctly. They will create a basic prototype for the Developer to see. Programmers are involved in some of the design and maintenance of other programmes as well, whether they be online or computer specific.
  • C# Developer– They brief the programmer as to the idea and basic design of the software application, they tell them what the purpose of the application is for the client and what current apps it needs to work with in order for the programmer to get the coding correct. The developer’s purpose is to then handle the design of the application. Once the programmers have tested and finalised the language, the developer would then be involved in evolving the programme. Analysing the development process of the programme, testing the programme further and finalising all details.
  • C# Engineer– With this role, you would need to contain a combination of both programmer and developer skills. An engineer is in charge of the overall execution of the programme, making sure the app runs correctly for the client. They must also get involved in the final stages of development, maintenance and testing of the software, their main purpose is to analyse the reliability of the program and maintainability of this complex process. Where a developer could work on just one application to be created an Engineer’s responsibility is to not only oversee the creation of an application and that development is going correctly but also work on various other projects in the process. They think about how that software will work with the machine and what elements are needed for reliability.

Now, as you may have noticed a lot of these roles responsibilities cross over in some way or another. The truth is all three roles work hand in hand so there are some grey areas as to whose responsibilities fall where however as a contractor this gives you an upper hand giving you the chance to learn skills in all areas.

Your enthusiasm to learn all aspects of this sector will allow you to go far as a contractor as companies can mix and match your responsibilities, getting you a longer contract and higher pay.

We hope the above information has given you further clarity as to why C# contractors are in demand. For more information on the rates of pay you are entitled to and how to get that contract to visit our contract rate checker.

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