Finding Security Clearance Contracts and Jobs

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Security cleared jobs are often dismissed due to the background checks and vetting processes involved. However, with high contract rates, potentially greater job security and a commercial advantage over those who aren’t security cleared, it’s worth taking a closer look.

Process of becoming security cleared

The process of becoming security cleared can be complicated at times, here are some tips to get started.

  1. You do not need to be security cleared to apply for a security cleared position. It helps to be security cleared, but this is not essential. If your CV and interviewing skills impress the interviewer, you could still be offered the role.
  2. You cannot apply for security clearance. The company or organisation that you are applying for must nominate you for security clearance. They act as your sponsor and should give you guidance and support.
  3. Waiting times can vary. It can take as long as a few months to become security cleared, but the search and interview process for permanent roles can be of a similar timeframe.

There is no guarantee that you will get enough clearance if you apply for a security cleared job. There is also the chance that you will be overlooked if they require a security cleared contractor immediately. These concerns disappear once you are security cleared, giving you a huge advantage over those who aren’t.

For more details on the types of security clearance you could be required to undertake, look at our security clearance page.

Looking to find a contracting role?

Our free guide to finding a contract will help you secure your next role.

What’s in the guide?

  • Finding the right contract – Agencies or job boards? We’ve got you covered.
  • Seven secrets to optimising your income – From experience to presentation skills.
  • CV’s, e-CV’s and CV databases – How to make sure your CV is picked up.
  • Five tips when writing your CV – why it is important to keep it up-to-date.

Which sector? Which company?

Regardless of experience, there is a vast array of security cleared positions available to you.

You could work in:

  • Government
  • Nuclear
  • IT
  • Defence

  • Anti-Fraud
  • Aerospace
  • Biometric
  • Forensic

The companies that offer a vast array of security cleared jobs are: Ministry of Defence, British Transport Police, Bank of England and the National Crime Agency. Security Cleared Jobs is a website dedicated to roles which require security clearance and is updated daily.

Finding a security cleared contract

So, you know which area you wish to work in, but where do you start? How do you stand out from the crowd? How can you be picked from the other applicants if you’re currently in a security cleared role but wish to move forward?

Recruitment sites

Not all security cleared jobs are placed online. Due to the sensitivity of information handled in some of these roles, companies may approach you if you have the skills they are looking for.

Uploading your CV to recruitment sites is worth your while, even if you haven’t spotted your ideal job so far.

Your CV

Before you upload your CV, make sure you include everything that will make your CV stand out from the crowd. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Keep it to two or three pages
  • List your best skills and qualities
  • Take care with your spelling and grammar
  • Tailor your CV for each role you apply for
  • Only include relevant roles

Direct applications

As well as sending your CV to recruitment agencies, there is also the opportunity to apply directly with the company.
LinkedIn is a good place to search for contacts within the company.

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