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Finding work in the Financial Services and Banking Sectors as a Contractor

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One of the best ways to find work in the Banking and Finance sector is through networking, and personal contacts will be a vital tool here! Many contractors tend to try this option first and it basically involves getting in touch with anyone and everyone that you’ve worked with in the past and letting them know that you’re looking for contract work.

Start handing out those business cards and make sure that your name is always in the frame when a client is looking for someone with your skills and experience. Even if the people you know are not the actual clients, your past colleagues will be happy to recommend you if they become aware of a position which will suit you – assuming of course that it’s not ideal for them as well!

In addition to this approach there are also a number of dedicated recruitment agencies which specialise in finding skilled contractors for their Banking and Finance clients. Whichever route you take, you should make sure your CV is as up to date as it can possibly be, and that it is saved in a universally-recognised format such as Microsoft Word, or as a PDF file – so when you start to email it out to prospective companies, you can be sure they will be able to read it.

SJD has a whole section on hints and tips finding work as a contractor in our Contractor Careers Centre it’s got lots of helpful advice, we’re sure you’ll find something that may help. Plus, why not read our latest hints and tax tips on surviving the recession as a contractor.

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