Sector Advice

Finding career advice isn’t always easy when you’re a contractor. There’s plenty of help available for permanent employees looking to find a job, to develop their skills and discover how to progress, but it’s not as easy to find for the self-employed.

When you work for yourself, you’re in charge of your career, so it’s up to you to make the decisions. You’re free to find your own niche and develop the skills you want. But do you know just how to go about this?

We created our industry specific advice to help the self-employed with their careers. If you’re wondering how to find your niche, where to source contracts or what earnings you can expect to take home, we’ve got you covered. Using our years of helping contractors from different industries, we are well placed to provide all of the support you need.


Locum Doctors, Nurses & the Medical Profession

Thinking about becoming a locum medical professional? Find out how you could benefit.

Closeup image of person working in a laboratory as a Pharmaceutical and healthcare contractor

Pharmaceutical and Health Care Contractors

Discover why healthcare contracting may be the best option for your next career move.


How to Become an SEO Consultant

Discover rates of pay, how to attract clients and the advantages of SEO consulting in our guide.

project management contractor

Contracting in the Finance and Banking Sectors

If you work in the finance sector, discover a new way of working and learn about the benefits of offering your services as a contractor.

contracting in newcastle

Guide to Becoming an Interim Manager

A company may require services for a set period of time. Learn what skills you will need as an interim manager and why you should consider self-employment.