What not to do as an IT contractor

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During your search for a contract

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

Agreeing to attend an interview, and then not turning up won’t do you any favours. Reputations take time to build and can be destroyed in a matter of moments. If you change your mind about a contract, it’s best to get in touch with the recruiter and be truthful.

Don’t apply for jobs that you don’t have the required experience for

Only apply for jobs that interest you, and that you can do. Not having the right skills and experience could put you to the bottom of the pile.

Don’t forget the basics

Always prepare for any interviews you have planned, research the organisation and give as much relevant experience as possible.

You’ve now secured a contract

Don’t ignore end client rules and regulations

Adhere to internal company policies, as any infringement will result in immediate termination.

Don’t forget you are a business

Storing your CV online not only allows you to access it on the move, it also gives you the opportunity to submit applications without the need for a memory stick. We would also recommend checking your emails at sensible times of the day, for example during lunch if access is restricted through working hours.

Don’t save up your timesheets for more than four weeks

This can cause issues with both the agency and the end client. The end client receives an extremely large invoice and the agency can have problems collecting the money. Whilst a reputable agency will honour a signed timesheet, some do have clauses that restrict the amount of time you have to present your invoice.

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Don’t break the contract

Leaving a contract before the agreed end can be bad for your reputation, and it can also make the client apprehensive towards using contractors in the future.

Don’t negatively talk about the client

Contracts can be challenging at times and can put a strain on the relationship between contractors and the end client.

Even in moments of frustration, you should avoid badmouthing an organisation before leaving. This could jeopardise your chances of securing future contracts.

Don’t forget the taxman

A reputable recruitment agency will recommend that contractors keep copies of their contracts. If for any reason HM Revenue and Customs wish to investigate any of your contracts, you have copies to hand.

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