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Why Become a Project Management Contractor?

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Many large organisations have now grasped the benefits of working with external contractors as opposed to employing full time staff – and the hiring of Project Managers is no exception. A contract-based Project Manager provides employers with a truly flexible ‘call on demand’ resource which can be brought in for specific projects when required, be they short or long term.

There are many reasons why you might choose to work on a contract basis, but money is definitely one of the key ones. In fact, contractors almost always earn more than their employed counterparts, which is only fair considering the loss of holiday pay, sick pay, pensions and other employee benefits. Our online take home pay calculator can show you how much more you could earn by contracting through your own limited company

The following pages will all give you more detailed information about becoming a project management contractor, the options available to you and how to find that all important contract

Accountancy Services for Project Management Contractors from SJD

If you’re working as a contractor through your own Limited company, there are a wide range of financial issues to consider, so you must give yourself enough time to manage your tax affairs properly – so you don’t pay too much or too little tax, or miss a deadline and face penalties from HM Revenue and Customs. So even though you are a Project Manager yourself, you might want to look for some specialist external support!

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