Why Become a Project Management Contractor?

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Many large organisations are now benefiting from working with contractors as opposed to employing full time staff, and the hiring of project managers is no exception. A project manager working on a contract basis provides employers with a truly flexible resource, which can be brought in for specific projects when required.

What is a project manager?

Project managers oversee projects, processes and procedures from start to finish, and are therefore essential to the successful running of a business.

They understand how projects should be worked on and managed, to allow organisations to succeed. They work well under pressure and are comfortable with change. Project managers are found in many organisations, often in the form as employees, managers and contractors.

Why is project management important?

Project management is high in demand in a variety of industries, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to follow a career in this area.

Why is it of high demand? Well, businesses nowadays face bigger challenges than they have before, with rapidly changing conditions.

If you are looking for a challenge in the form of a new career, then it could be worth considering becoming a project manager.

Reasons to become a project manager

  1. The opportunity to travel: If you enjoy travelling, then a project management role could give you the chance to explore new locations.
  2. Flexibility: As a contractor, you will have a higher level of flexibility than somebody in permanent employment. However, as a project manager contractor, it’s likely you will be able to work remotely at times as well as being flexible.
  3. Future prospects: Project management professionals are high in demand, so there is plenty of opportunity to accept a new role once your contract ends.
  4. Learning and development: As a project manager, you will learn something new every day. Your knowledge will continue to grow as you are introduced to new situations and topics.
  5. Varied industries: Project managers are exposed to a variety of industries and sectors.

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Increased earnings

There are many reasons why you may choose to work on a contract basis, but money is one of the key factor. Contractors typically earn more than their employed counterparts, which covers the absence of holiday pay, sick pay and other employee benefits.

If you decide to take on a career in project management, then it could be worth thinking about working as a contractor.

Our take home pay calculator will give you an accurate picture of how much more you could earn by contracting.

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