Secure Document Exchange

Welcome to our Secure Document Exchange (SDE) area. This section of our site allows us to exchange confidential data with our clients in a secure manner. All data is held in a secure environment and transmitted over industrial standard ssl connections.

This facility is available to all our clients who want to use it.

Key advantages of the system are:-

   1. Security - data is encrypted as it is transmitted
   2. 24 / 7 Access to your financial details
   3. Secure backup of documents

If you would like to use this facility, firstly please create yourself an account on our website through the following link: Create an Account

Once you have done so, please email with the email address you used to register your account.

You can access the SDE by clicking the following link: Go to SDE

Download the SDE user guide.

Alternatively, if you are an existing client using SJD Online (our online Bookkeeping tool) then you may wish to use the built-in document exchange facility on there. If you are not an existing SJD Online user but are interested, please speak to your accountant and they will be happy to advise and set up your account. Please find more information on SJD Online here.