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Starting up a new business can seem like a minefield and for many new contractors, knowing how to get started isn’t always simple.

With our extensive experience in working with new businesses, we can assure you that our advice will be tailored to meet your specific business goals and objectives. Our resources below will guide you through essential aspects of the start-up process, from preparing an initial business plan to developing an e-commerce strategy to give your business a competitive advantage. Please contact us to discuss how we can be of further service to the growth of your new business.

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Small Business Guide to Company Cars

Find out how going 'green' with your method of transport can save you money.


Starting a Contracting Business

If you’ve decided to go down the limited route on your contracting journey, you’ll likely have questions on how you set up. This guide includes everything you need to know…


Deregistering from VAT


Expenses and Benefits: Tax-free Gifts to Staff

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Failure to comply with new data protection rules could carry huge sanctions.

business development

Guide to Developing Your Business

Once you have established your business, it may be the time to grow it. We have outlined the ways you can take your limited company to the next level.

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A Guide to Dependent Contractors for Limited Companies

Read our guide for information about the status of dependent contractors and how this may affect you as a limited company director

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Improving Cash Flow

Ensuring your business is profitable is one of the best ways to ensure longevity. Our guide to cash flow will help ensure you stay afloat.