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Our business guides offer advice on the day to day running of your business, top tax tips and more. Check back regularly as we are always adding new guides for supporting contractors, freelancer’s, consultants and interim managers.

Year end tax planning guide for contractors 2011/2012 – With the tax year end approaching on 5th April 2012 our guide offers helpful hints and tips for contractors on tax planning opportunities.

Passing on a family business – With changes in the economy, some family businesses are considering handing over the reins to other family members. This guide offers advice on planning a family succession, the benefits, tax advice and more.

Steps to Effective Sales Planning – A contractors guide to effective sales planning – Developing a sales forecast to manage cash flow and accounting for changes in circumstances.

Small business tax planning guide – Corporation tax rates and bands, pensions, entrepreneurs relief, company cars and capital allowance – A helpful tax planning guide for directors and limited company owners.

Safeguarding your estate – Estate planning means your family will receive a larger share of your estate. This 2011/2012 guide offers advice on taking care of your estate and future planning.

Business tax planning for Contractors – This 2011/2012 guide is intended to help Limited company contractors plan for the year ahead – Don’t miss out on tax planning opportunities that will benefit your business.

Business Bribery Act 2011 – New laws aimed at cracking down on business bribery have been introduced. The Bribery Act, which took effect as from 1st July 2011 has been designed to bring the UK into line with tackling corruption.

Minimising your personal tax liability – No one wishes to pay more tax than is necessary and good tax planning is essential in personal financial planning. This 2011/2012 guide will help you with your financial tax planning.

Limited Company Director Responsibilities – Directors are appointed to run a limited company. Read more about the obligations of a director, who can become a director, employment law and much more.

PAYE Guide 2011 – From April 2011, many significant changes have been made to the PAYE system. There are also changes from 2012 that contractors and small businesses should be considering now.

Contractors Guide to National Insurance Planning – Tax, national insurance, pensions and retirement planning for contractors.

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