Accounting for Time: Work Life Balance

Choosing to work for yourself as a contractor, freelancer or consultant comes with a host of benefits. In fact, ask any contractor what their favourite thing is about being self-employed and they’re likely to say ‘the work/life balance’, ‘the freedom’ or ‘being my own boss’. Maybe even all three! 

However, without having teams or colleagues you can delegate tasks to, it is very easy to take on too much. From chasing invoices, finding new clients, advertising yourself and even doing your accounts; when you work for yourself, you have to look after most aspects of your business yourself. 

That’s why we at SJD Accountancy have put together our ‘Accounting for Time’ campaign; to provide contractors like you with handy guides, articles and videos to help you when it comes to improving your work/life balance. View our accounting for time video below:


Handy Guides to Help your Work/Life Balance


Staying Organised as a Contractor - our top tips on ensuring you stay on top of your organisational game when contracting. 

Accounting for time: The Survey - see the results of our survey where we asked 359 contractors how they find doing their accounts and what they wish they could do with that time instead.