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Contractor Attitude Survey Results

Whether you are thinking about contracting or are already a contractor, we’re sure you’ll find SJD Accountancy’s new national bi-annual Contractor Attitude Survey report both useful and interesting.

The Contractor Attitude Survey is packed full of opinions and views on the current contractor market as well as attitudes on the general outlook. The report touches areas as diverse as daily rates, contract extensions, average contract duration, effects of contracting on work/life balance, views around moving from permanent to contracting as well as a host of other fascinating areas. Each year, it gives contractors the opportunity to share their experiences over the past year, their opinions and forecasts for the future.



contractor survey


contractpr survey

Jul-Dec 2012

contractor survey


Jul-Dec 2015

contractor survey

Jul-Dec 2013

contractor survey

Jan-Jun 2012

contractor survey


Jan-Jun 2015

contractor survey

Jan-Jun 2013

contractor survey

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