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What can contractors expect from the Conservative government?

It’s likely that freelancers and contractors are wondering if the re-elected Conservative government will deliver this year on the promises made to independent professionals in the lead up to last…

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IR35 Guidance Updates for Contractors

Yesterday, the government published a new factsheet aimed at contractors regarding the upcoming IR35 changes which as we know are coming into effect from the 6th April 2020. We asked…

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Where do the major political parties stand on IR35?

With the 2019 General Election looming, we give an overview of how the major political parties have stated they will respond to IR35 should they be successful.

The banks taking an extreme approach to IR35

We’re giving an overview of the banks who have already made their stance on IR35 clear following the April 2020 reforms.

Halloween names

The Top 13 Spookiest Limited Company Names

Spooky season is upon us and we’re a mere few days away from All Hallows Eve. If you’re looking to form your limited company now, or perhaps you’re just a…

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What happens after Brexit? Self-employed National Insurance changes explained

After Brexit, self-employed individuals can expect a change in National Insurance contributions once the coordination agreement between the UK and EU ends.

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The pros and cons of becoming your own boss

We take a look at the pros and cons of becoming your own boss and why working for yourself is becoming a popular choice.

Inside & Outside of IR35

Shifting Sands: the Problem with IR35

Whether you’re new to contracting or a seasoned professional, the prospect of a new contract is always exciting. But one potentially problematic matter is IR35. You’ll probably know that it’s…

SJD Accountancy continues to drive new frontiers with new CEO appointment

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of SJD Accountancy’s new chief executive officer, Doug Crawford. Doug has taken over the leadership of SJD Accountancy, which is part of the Optionis…

ir35 consultation response

What did HMRC Focus on in IR35 Consultation Response?

The release of the draft legislation for IR35 reform in the private sector on 11th July meant that the government response to the IR35 consultation, which was published on the…