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Over the years, we have come across thousands of contractors from every profession imaginable. From IT contractors to engineers to project managers, we know that working for yourself is an exciting but sometimes complicated adventure.

Bearing in mind the questions we’re frequently asked by new contractor clients, we decided to put together a diverse range of guides to help you with all of the elements that come with being your own boss. From the intricacies of IR35 legislation to how to invoice for expenses, we have you covered.

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Contractors Guide to Social Media

The Internet revolutionised communication by making ‘electronic mail’ possible as…

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Contractors Guide to Facebook

Facebook must surely be the greatest social media success story of…

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Contractors Guide to Twitter

At the moment there are already around 3.7m people with…

starting as a freelancer

Starting a Contracting Business

If you’ve decided to go down the limited route on…

guide to contracting

Contractor’s Guide

Whether you are considering becoming a contractor or just need…