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Contractors and freelancers are ideal antidote to spending review cuts

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PCG, the Professional Contractors Group, stated this week that the UK’s 1.4 million freelancers and contractors provide ‘great value’ to employers across all industries, and can play a vital role in the UK’s economic recovery, especially in light of the recent public sector cuts.

Managing Director John Brazier said that these types of workers are ‘better prepared than most’ to weather the storm heralded by the chancellor’s budget reductions, continuing, “What we can say with confidence is that the public sector has increasingly engaged freelance workers throughout the UK because of their flexibility, skills and value for money. Despite these economically challenging times, having this flexible and skilled workforce available will allow the public sector to call on a range of skills and resources when and where they need them. Having flexibility ‘on tap’ is beneficial to all concerned as it can help local and central government control costs while providing the best service possible.”

In a recent article, Contractor Calculator also commented that these massive cuts in public sector spending and employment are likely to have some positive impact on the contracting sector. Not only may the estimated 490,000 public sector job losses provide contract opportunities for the maintenance of front-line services delivery, but spending has also been ‘maintained’ on key infrastructure, energy and defence projects.

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