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Contractors could benefit from World Cup absences

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According to new research, around one in four English workers plan on risking disciplinary action by taking a day’s sick leave here and there during the upcoming World Cup. Which could be great news for contractors and freelancers, as businesses may well take advantage of these more flexible workers during Summer 2010.

The research by Continental Tyres found that nine million UK workers are considering taking at least one day off sick during the tournament, meaning a collective 3.5 million work days could be ‘lost’ in June alone, and consequently available for contractors! A spokesperson for Continental commented, “The World Cup is a massive event and it is clear that fans will try almost anything not to miss a big game.”

As well as stomach illnesses, workers are also planning on telling their bosses they are suffering from headaches or bugs in a bid to be free to watch the football, whilst one in 20 workers said they would even go so far as to make-up a death in the family to take some time off! Meanwhile, businesses have been advised by Citrix and Frontier Technology to introduce flexible working practices in order to avoid any disruptions during the upcoming London Olympics, which will also present a further opportunity for contractors in 2012.

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