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Cyber security expert predicts IT contractors could soon command footballers rates

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IT contractors might be interested to learn that the Russian information security field expert, Eugene Kaspersky, has said that IT specialists could soon be earning as much as professional footballers.

According to Mr Kaspersky, founder of Kaspersky Lab – which is an anti-virus and anti-spyware firm, there are no longer enough IT security experts, which means that they could start commanding more for their specialist skills. 

Mr Kaspersky made these comments whist in London visiting the Home Office’s Minister for Security, James Brokenshire.  He said, “There aren’t enough of them. These experts are going to become the new footballers. Governments have to recognise this as a big problem.”

Cabinet Office minister Chloe Smith, outlined the current issues surrounding cyber security, she said, “Government is faced with these threats on a daily basis. On average over 33,000 malicious emails are blocked at the Gateway to the Government Secure Intranet every month.

“These are likely to contain – or link to – sophisticated malware, often sent by highly capable cyber criminals and state sponsored groups. A far greater number of malicious emails and spam, but less sophisticated emails and spam are blocked each month.”

At present, the government is looking to get more young people involved in cyber security, so that they may consider this as a future vocation.  Head of the government-funded organisation, Cyber Security Challenge UK, Stephanie Daman, explained further, “One of the most important messages we need to get across is that cyber security is a proper career and it is not just for geeks. 

“We need to get away from that image and encourage a much broader range of people to get involved in this area because the country is desperately short of them and we need more women.”

IT contractors, who already possess these sought out skills, could look forward to higher demand, as well as being able to command higher rates of pay!

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