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IT professionals want to develop their cloud skills, finds new report

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There are many IT contractors who may relate to a recent report, which found that a large number of IT professionals would like to add cloud computing to their list of skills, but don’t know how to go about gaining them.

The research, which was carried out by, found that of those surveyed, 71% said that they believe the majority of potential future job opportunities, will be based around cloud computing. 

Yet, almost three quarters of respondents said that they were not sure on how to gain these specialist skills.

Despite this, 61% of those surveyed said that they have every intention of taking part in some sort of cloud training, with 51% saying that having this type of skill will make them more attractive when it comes to hiring.

Richard Nott, CWJobs Website Director, explained further, “It is clear cloud is having a positive impact on the IT job market, the majority of professionals think there will be more jobs requiring cloud-computing skills in the future.

“The value of these developments however, will be lost unless the industry works to promote opportunities for training and further development, necessary to ensure Britain has a workforce equipped with the skills to fulfil vacancies.”

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