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More women joining the contracting world, finds new report

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The number of UK female contractors has grown by nearly a fifth in the last four years, with women making up over 31% of all registered contractors. 

According to the findings, there were some regions that showed more female entrepreneurial growth compared to others, however, with regards to the entire country, it was found that women made up

The recent Crunch Accountancy’s survey, which used HMRC data including information on 3,517,580 UK businesses, revealed that the main growth hotspots for female contractors were Middlesex (by 23%), London (22%) and East Lothian in Scotland (21%).

Laura Hughes, Crunch’s Accountancy Training Manager, said, “It’s great to see more women setting up on their own in business. So many of our clients choose the freelancing lifestyle for its flexibility and for working mothers, a sense of control and autonomy is key. Thanks to technology this working lifestyle is now becoming more accessible to more people.”

Other similar reports have also found that there are more women deciding to join the contracting community.

For example, a Professional Contractors Group (PCG) survey released in September of this year, found that there are now more woman contracting in the UK.

The results showed that there were 1.56 million contractors found to be actively working in the UK in 2011.  Of these, 38% were female, and 13% of these women were found to be working mothers, with the number of self-employed mothers increasing by 25% since 2008 – this is double the rate of increase in the contracting workforce as a whole.

Interestingly, the PCG survey also found that female contractors were more likely to be happy with their roles than men.

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