The Top 13 Spookiest Limited Company Names

Discover the top 13 spookiest words used in UK limited companies... if you dare.

Spooky season is upon us and we’re a mere few days away from All Hallows Eve. If you’re looking to form your limited company now, or perhaps you’re just a big fan of trick or treating, you may be tempted to take inspiration from the season and use some spooktacular words when naming your new venture.

There’s no need to fear, as you wouldn’t be alone. In fact, there are currently* 5384 creepily named limited companies registered in the UK as we recently discovered whilst doing some research into the names of companies in the UK.

Wizard, monster and devil currently top the list of most frequently used eerie words used in the names of UK limited companies with ghost, devil and pumpkin also making the list.

A bat shaped from halloween related words

Halloween Business Names

See below the top 13 most popular spooky words in UK businesses, including the number of limited companies incorporated using these words:

  1. Wizard – 973
  2. Monster – 825
  3. Devil – 512
  4. Ghost – 494
  5. Spider – 434
  6. Demon – 388
  7. Black Cat – 309
  8. Witch – 268
  9. Phantom – 254
  10. Pumpkin – 226
  11. Scream – 159
  12. Clown – 109
  13. Goblin – 84

Choosing your limited company name

Forming a limited company is a very exciting time in any contractors career, however if you’re finding choosing the perfect name for your limited company a bit tricky why not take a look at our guide to choosing a limited company name for some hints and tips? No tricks here!

*As of the 29th October 2019, data found on companies house from a select list of Halloween themed words

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