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Why do I need an accountant?

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Accountancy is often looked down on as a profession for those who don’t have an affinity with numeracy, something seen as metaliclous and boring. However, whether you love or loathe numbers, having an accountant whilst being a contractor, freelancer or a limited company can be hugely rewarding in many ways. 

Reduces Risk

Having an accountant ultimately reduces risk. When you are in charge of your own finances, it’s likely that you have never come across certain terminology before or have had to deal with some of the processes HMRC requires you to do. By having an accountant available, it reduces risk of anything going wrong with your finances.

Saves Money & Time

Having an accountant can save you both money and time. By having an accountant, it allows you to focus on your own profession and career goals whilst knowing your finances are secure. Additionally, it allows you to save money as an accountant will frequently highlight the best ways to save money by keeping up to date with the latest legislation and HMRC requirements.

Another Source of Advice

By having an accountant who analyses your books, it will allow you to have another resource to provide you advice on business opportunities and the day-to-day running of the business. The accountant will have a large knowledge of the business by knowing the ingoings and outgoings of your limited company. 

An accountant will allow you to have crystal clear knowledge of your finances. Based on this, you can make more informed decisions in regards to your business or career by using this insight. 

How can SJD help me?

At SJD, we understand the demands that contractors face. That’s why our team of expert accountants are always on hand to provide support and advice when it comes to your accounts, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters.

To find out how we can help, call the team on 01442 330205 or email

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