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Should I go at it alone? Set up my own limited company? Become a contractor?

Is this you? Constantly debating with yourself about whether you should go for it. Weighing up the pros and cons but not quite sure if you should make the jump?

We’ve helped thousands of permanent workers over the years who are fed up with office politics and rigid structures, but crave the feeling of freedom to drive their own career path. Desperate to succeed but nervous about committing to contracting. At SJD, we want to be that voice of knowledge that inspires you to go for it.

So what’s stopping you? In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

88% of contractors recommend contracting

88.3% of contractors would recommend contracting to a friend

It’s a natural instinct to help a friend. You’d never tell them to do something you truly didn’t believe in. The same goes for contracting.

78% of contractors actively quit their job to become a contractor

78% of contractors made a conscious decision to quit their jobs

The majority of people don’t decide to just wake up one day and decide to go contracting. Whether you’re looking for the freedom of being your own boss, or the big financial benefits, contracting can satisfy all these needs.

81% of contractor are positive about contractors

81% of contractors are positive about contracting

“’I’m scared to go into contracting with all that’s going on with Brexit”. Well, the majority of our clients who are out there living the contracting lifestyle don’t believe this. In fact, they’re overwhelmingly positive about it’s current and future state.

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All this inside our interactive guide on why contracting is for you.

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