Rates of Pay for IT Contractors

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If you’re considering becoming an IT contractor, one of your first considerations may be how much you could expect to take home. If you’re looking for information detailing what you could expect to earn, we’ve put some information together to help.

What factors can impact my take-home pay as an IT contractor?

As an IT contractor, daily rates of pay can be high but vary according to a number of factors including:

  • Experience – this includes both technical and business experience
  • Skills –  the average contract rate can be increased significantly by investing in your skillset.
  • Location – London and the South East tend to pay the highest rates.
  • Economic climate – the economy can impact jobs as well as pay rates. However, the demand for IT contractors is still healthy and expected to continue growing.

Obviously the more sought after the role, the higher the pay, however, average rates appear to be around £50-£60 per hour based on a £400 per day rate, as detailed by ITjobswatch.co.uk.

Average rates of pay for IT contractors

Find below rates and roles as of 2019:

Rates of pay by programming language

Programming Language

Daily Rate

No. of Contracts (in last 6 months)

C £450 1,800
C# £450 6,800
C++ £450 1,900
Java  £525 10,300
JavaScript £475 9,700
PHP £400 1,500
PowerShell £450 3,100
Python £525 7,700
Ruby £528 1,300
SQL £450 11,200
TypeScript £500 1,600

Rates of pay by position

Job Role

Daily Rate

No. of Contracts (in last 6 months)

Analyst £400 11,000
Architect £575 7,000
Consultant £500 5,000
Developer £475 22,000
Project Manager £475 4,800

Rates of pay by industry


Daily Rate

No. of Contracts (in last 6 months)

Banking £525 5,800
Finance £500 16,300
Marketing £450 2,300
Public Sector £450 4,800
Retail £475 3,300
Telecoms £415 3,100

How to get the best rate as an IT contractor

Negotiating your contract rate is vital as an IT contractor especially when first starting out– it’s likely that you can increase the standard rate by playing on your skillset. You will need to take into account:

  • State of the IT contract market
  • Level of experience you have
  • The demand for your specific skills
  • Ability to negotiate (very important and something many find uncomfortable)
  • A keenness for the job

Accountancy services for IT contractors

If you are already an IT contractor operating through your own limited company, or if you are thinking of setting up as an IT contractor, the team at SJD are here to help.

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