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Finding career advice isn’t always easy when you’re a contractor. There’s plenty of help available for permanent employees looking to find a job, to develop their skills and discover how to progress, but it’s not as easy to find for the self-employed.

When you work for yourself, you’re in charge of your career, so it’s up to you to make the decisions. You’re free to find your own niche and develop the skills you want. But do you know just how to go about this?

We created our industry specific advice to help the self-employed with their careers. If you’re wondering how to find your niche, where to source contracts or what earnings you can expect to take home, we’ve got you covered. Using our years of helping contractors from different industries, we are well placed to provide all of the support you need.

contractor sector advice

Becoming a Limited Company Agency Nurse


Becoming a Telecommunications Engineer

Demand for telecommunications engineers is increasing. Discover how to find a role in this industry.

security clearance contractor

Becoming a limited company locum doctor

Many doctors are making the move from permanent to contracting, commanding higher rates of pay with an increased demand in the market.

A caring health and social care consultant holding the hands of a patient

Limited Company Health & Social Care Consultant

management consultant contractor

Contracting for the Government

contractor sector advice

How to Become an IT Architect Contractor

IT architects (also known as "solutions architects") are in high demand. Find out why in our guide.

Oil & Gas Contractors

Find out about becoming an oil and gas engineer, what employers are looking for, how to find work and more in our guide.

contractor expenses

Becoming an Engineering Contractor


Rates of Pay for IT Contractors

contracting in bristol

Becoming an IT Contractor