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SJD Accountancy is the UK's largest firm of contractor accountants providing tax advice to over 15,000 contractors, all of whom work through their own limited company.

We have offices across the UK including Bristol and have won more awards for customer service and accounting excellence than any other firm in the contractor accountant sector, including three Accountancy Age Awards, six Contractor UK 'Best Contractor Accountant' reader Awards and two National Customer Service Awards.

What's more, all clients receive their own dedicated accountant* who they can meet, call and email all for just £120 plus VAT per month.

The first thing contractors usually think of when looking for an accountant is to find a local ‘high street’ company, but they are rarely specialist contractor accountants, so may not have knowledge of specific schemes which can benefit you as a contractor. There are also telephone only and internet based contractor accountants, however we have always felt it's far better for clients to have their own accountant that they can meet up with even if it's just once a year to discuss their business and personal financial goals. Tax is complicated and sometimes there is simply no substitute to meeting with your accountant face to face. Your accountant needs to understand your goals and to be able to provide the highest level of tax advice, something we just don't feel can be archived purely via a telephone/internet only relationship. Sure we could cut costs and reduce fees by closing offices and going telephone/internet only but this would ultimately reduce the level of service we provide. It's also interesting that most telephone and internet only companies aren't really that much cheaper anyway.

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If you're just starting out contracting in Bristol, find below a few details which you might find helpful.

Contracting in Bristol

Bristol is a vibrant and historic city offering a wide range of activities. It boasts many awarding winning well-known attractions such as the SS Great Britain and the Clifton Suspension Bridge, as well as having a number of museums and theatres - and a 21st century science centre, situated near the IMAX cinema on the waterfront.

There are a range of shopping areas to explore including Broadmead in the centre, the Mall on the outskirts of the city at Cribbs Causeway and smaller areas such as Park Street, the Triangle, St. Nicholas’ Market and Corn Street. Clifton Village also has lots to offer in the way of boutiques, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Living and working in and around Bristol makes a healthy work-life balance both achievable and enjoyable. Another major benefit of being in this part of the world is the close proximity to both the coast and idyllic countryside. There are good rail links to the South West and beyond, as well as the convenience of an international airport on the doorstep. Major industries include IT and especially software development, insurance, tourism, FMCG and facilities management. Some of the key employers in the region include:

  • Imperial Tobacco – One of the world’s leading tobacco companies, which makes, markets and sells a comprehensive range of cigarettes, tobaccos, rolling papers, filter tubes and cigars in over 160 countries worldwide. It owns a range of leading brands including Embassy, Gauloise, John Player and Peter Stuyvesant amongst many others, and has 2,600 employees in the UK alone.
  • MITIE Group plc - A strategic outsourcing and asset management company that offers facilities, property and asset management services. It has grown through acquisition over the last few years and now offers many opportunities for employment in the area.

Typical rates of pay for contractors in Bristol do vary depending on individual skill-sets, but as an example, an IT Project Manager could expect to earn around £400 per day, whilst a less specialist contractor might expect to command a daily rate of around £325 to £350.

Most UK-wide recruitment agencies will carry some Bristol-based contractor jobs, so try all the usual options and then search for positions in Bristol specifically. There is – a local website  which may also be useful. It’s also worth keeping an eye out in the local papers, with the most widely read being the Bristol Evening Post, supported by a dedicated ‘This is Bristol’ website at

There are a number of developments happening in Bristol which will provide opportunities for contractors in many sectors over the coming months and years. For example, the Bristol Central Area Action Plan, which is a detailed vision to reinforce the unique character and international reputation of the city centre.

Work began on the project in early 2010 and it includes looking at the character of the central area and the delivery of new homes and commercial, creative and leisure space. As part of the Bristol Development Framework, the Plan will also seek to maintain and improve the role of the harbour and waterways, conserve the city centre’s architectural heritage, improve transport services and revitalise areas in need of change.

There are a few pros and cons to working in Bristol. On the downside it’s a bit remote, and despite good rail links, it’s still a good couple of hours’ journey to London or the cities of the Midlands and beyond. The West Country region can also be seen as being quite ‘touristy’ and not quite real life, yet Bristol still suffers from being less ‘cultured’ than its nearest neighbour, Bath Spa. On the upside however, Bristol offers a lower cost of living than comparable cities in other parts of the country, with culture, entertainment, nightlife and shopping in bucket loads! An international airport and great rail links are nearby, and you’re never far from the sea or from great countryside.

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If you have any questions about contracting or would like any further advice please call our new business team on 01442 275789 or email