Contracting in Liverpool

The city of Liverpool is known throughout the world, mainly due to their football and industrial heritage. But there is so much more to this great city. Over 2.2 million people live and work in and around the Liverpool Metro area - and outside of London, the North West region has the largest tourism trade in England.

You may think finding work as a contractor would prove slightly more difficult in this area than in the Southern half of the country. However, this isn't necessarily the case, there are numerous tech, chemical and engineering companies in the area (see below for greater detail). This coupled with its leisure and retail offerings, means that those contractors who find work in this area will find the experience of living and working here a truly fantastic one. It is also worth mentioning that Liverpool was voted European Capital of Culture for 2008 which brought in a huge amount of investment.

Major industries

  • Manufacturing (Chemical and Aerospace)
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Tourism
  • Media

Local newspapers
There are a number of quality, daily local newspapers in the area, the best read ones probably being the  Liverpool Echo or for a wider view of the area the Lancashire Evening Post. These publications can also be found online, with direct links to various job boards in the area. To find contractor opportunities, it is important to keep an eye out in the local papers, as they often have features on recent investments, regeneration projects, or new companies opening in the area.

Typical rates of pay
With such a diverse range of industries in the North West, typical rates of pay for contractors will of course vary depending on any individual’s skill-set, but as an example, an IT Contractor could expect to earn between £300 and £400 per day on average before tax in a Manchester-based job, whilst a non-IT or less specialist contractor is probably looking at around the £250 to £350 mark. However, contractors with specialist skills in aerospace or automotive engineering will be able to secure higher rates of remuneration. For typical rates of pay in the North West across a variety of skill sets visit our contractor rates of pay page.

Things to consider about contracting in Liverpool:


  • Good transport links with large international airports and motorways
  • High rates of pay for industry-specific contractors
  • Diverse range of industries
  • Excellent social life, with lower cost of living


  • A few areas are still undergoing regeneration
  • Traffic congestion (as with nearly all major cities)
  • Some people think, incorrectly, that workers from outside the region will not be as welcome as ‘local’ workers

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