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Manchester is known throughout the world mainly for its football and its industrial heritage. But there is so much more to this great city and to the North West of England as a whole. Over six million people live and work in the region, and outside of London, it has the largest tourism trade in England.

Over recent years, the Government has invested billions into the regeneration of the North West.

With this substantial investment, alongside the area’s almost-forgotten heritage of world trade and industrial manufacture, the region has diversified and now plays a pivotal role in industries such as international aerospace, technology, chemical engineering and the automotive sector. Coupled with its leisure and retail offerings, this means that contractors who work in Manchester will find the experience of living and working there a truly fantastic one.

Major Industries


Manufacturing is a major industry in Manchester


Tourism in Manchester is the second largest industry outside of London in the UK


The automotive industry in Manchester is growing


Media is a major industry in Manchester


Energy is a major industry in Manchester

The North West is home to BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce, which means that it offers world-class manufacturing facilities, and hence employment opportunities for over 40,000 skilled workers. Added to this, an amazing 60% of the world’s top 50 chemical companies also have a presence in the region. Firms such as Shell UK and Unilever work alongside a number of Universities that feed the sector.

The area is home to major players in the automotive industry, making the North West the UK’s second-largest region for vehicle manufacturers. Companies such as Vauxhall, Jaguar, Bentley and Land Rover have major plants and, along with over 200 supply chain companies such as Getrag Ford, employ over 40,000 people in this sector.

The North West is also home to ITV, Granada, Media City UK the new home to the BBC and a thriving TV industry in general, which creates over 500 productions a year. There is also a successful digital games development scene, with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe having one of the oldest studios in the world – which was where the famous Lemmings game franchise was originally developed.

Things to consider when contracting in Manchester


  • Manchester offers high rates of pay for industry-specific contractors and a diverse range of industries
  • Excellent social life with a lower cost of living
  • Good transport links with large international airports and motorways


  • Some people think, incorrectly, that workers from outside the region will not be as welcome as ‘local’ workers
  • Some areas are still undergoing regeneration
  • As with all large cities, there is some traffic congestion

Most UK-wide recruitment agencies will carry a good number of North West-based contractor jobs, so they should be quite easy to track down. There are also a number of quality local newspapers in the area. The best-read ones probably being the Manchester Evening News ( and the Lancashire Evening Post (

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